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Residents FAQ

Q: What the heck does 8z stand for?

A: All of the zip codes in the State of Colorado start with the number 8.

Q: What if I have a Maintenance Request?

A: Please submit all non-emergency requests Online.

Emergency Requests (major plumbing leak, no heat, gas leak) please call 303-563-9174.

911 in a life threatening situation.

Q: How do I make a rent payment?

A: The best way to pay your rent is by accessing your resident portal on this website. If you are new we will send you an email to create your personal resident portal. You will need your checkbook so that you can enter your bank routing number and checking account.

For an additional​ processing​ fee of $5 you may drop off a paper check directly at our office. Sorry no cash will be accepted.

Q: Can I use my deposit for rent on the last month?

A: No, the only way to use your deposit to pay rent is with written permission​ from the owner.

Q: Why is my deposit placed into an Escrow account by 8z Rentals?

A: Your money is protected by law to your benefit when it’s in our Escrow account. By placing your money into Our Escrow account we are keeping it legally separate from 8z Rentals to protect your funds if we are named as a party to a lawsuit. The escrow account also protects your money in the event that the owner becomes insolvent and declared bankruptcy​ or if the property falls into foreclosure.

Q: Can the owner hold my deposit?

A: Yes Confirm the type of bank account the owner is using to hold onto your money.

Q: Do I collect interest on my deposit?

A: Yes, No, Maybe? It depends on the municipality where the property is located. Boulder for instance requires interest on all money labeled as a deposit. This excludes prepaid rent such as the last months rent collected in advance. It would also exclude money collected as a fee, such as a pet fee.

Q: Can I terminate my lease early?

A: No. Your lease is a binding contract that both you and the landlord have agreed to honor. The good news is that both of you are equally on the hook, this can also be the bad news if you need to break your lease early. In some instances you may be able to negotiate a settlement​ if the owner agrees. In general it can be costly. You would be required to cover any marketing and vacancy costs incurred.

Q: If the Landlord Sells my Property do I have to move?

A: No. In Colorado the new owner is required to honor the terms of your written lease. Please protect yourself and have any agreements in writing since "verbal agreements are worth the paper they are written on!"

Q: Are any portions of my Security Deposit Non Refundable.

A: No, In Colorado any funds labeled as DEPOSIT are 100% Refundable and must be reconciled at the end of your lease.

Q: How long do I need to wait for my deposit?

A: Colorado Statute requires your deposit to be returned in 30 days unless your lease agrees to a longer term, up to 60 days maximum. Many municipalities are very slow to close out the final utility bills which is the most common delay.