When you hear the term, “Corporate Housing” a lot of different thoughts and questions probably run through your mind. Here’s some answers to the big questions we hear every day:

Can I only rent this if my company pays for it? Certainly not. For many “corporate rentals” it can just mean that the property comes with furniture. Corporate Rentals or “furnished” rentals are a great way to move to a new place without having to buy furniture or worry about utilities. If you’re looking to stay somewhere only a month or a few weeks even this could be the best option for you! 

Will it be expensive? This is a tricky question. When looking at the price listed you may gasp in some cases. However, you should keep in mind that typically all furniture is included along with linens, housewares, cleaning supplies and sometimes even bathroom products! Also remember that usually all utilities are typically included (Sewer, Water, Gas, Trash, Recycling, Internet, Cable, Electricity, Parking, Amenities, Landscaping, Snow Removal, etc.). Corporate Housing can in many cases be cheaper than a hotel and you can feel like a real person living in a real home. 

How short is too short? The length of your stay will depend on the location of the property. In many areas there are laws about the length of a lease unless it is licensed as a hotel. In some places there are no requirements. Check with the owner first to see if there is a restriction (usually 30 days minimum if any). Sometimes you can find a great home that will even rent by the night giving you a great experience in the countryside, city, or somewhere in between. 

What do I need to bring? Yourself! The great thing about furnished/corporate rentals is you just need to bring a suitcase of clothes and you’re all moved in! No need to pack large boxes or plan for months in advance.

How do you find corporate/furnished housing? Well start by giving us a call and we’ll help you out!

Posted by: 8zrentals on December 3, 2012
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