We get a lot of questions about Gunbarrel here at 8z, mostly from out of state residents looking to move here. Gunbarrel is located just a few minutes Northeast of Boulder, Colorado off of Foothills Parkway, Imagine it as its own neighborhood within the city. Why is Gunbarrel important? There are many major corporations with offices in Gunbarrel including IBM, Covidien & Celestial Seasonings just to name a few. In the last census Gunbarrel had roughly 9,200 residents and about 4,000 households. Within Gunbarrel there are two larger apartment communities, Meadow Creek Apartments & Habitat Apartments which are a large percentage of all of the rental properties available in the area.

Why should you know about Gunbarrel?

   Within the next few years should all of the proposed developments proceed Gunbarrel will be getting a bit of a facelift. If you drive on Foothills Parkway heading North you can see one of the new projects already under construction. The Hampton Inn has begun it’s newest hotel right off of Foothills Parkway and behind it will be two pad sites for development as well. 

    Even more exciting is the proposed Gunbarrel Center at 6685 Gunpark Drive. This large scale developement will breathe new life into Gunbarrel providing new shopping, dining, commercial space and residential space for the area. You can read more details and view renderings at gunbarrelcenter.org.

    Another proposed development is Alexan At Gunbarrel Flats which would be a brand new apartment community bringing more rental options to an area that typically has few. Keep an eye out for these, if they’re anything like other Alexan properties across the state they’re sure to impress.

What is the Rental Market Currently Like in Gunbarrel?

  Like most of the rental market in Boulder, prices are usually determined by demand amongst a lot of other factors. Since many residents want to be closer to downtown Boulder, Gunbarrel is quite often overlooked. In reality Gunbarrel has just about everything you could need in it along with easy access to major transportation and close to Niwot, CO and Longmont, CO. Rental Prices in Gunbarrel are most often lower than in more central areas of Boulder and you can get more square footage quite often.

How Will Development Effect Gunbarrel Rentals?

  Hopefully these developments will not have a major impact on rentals in Gunbarrel besides offering more choices. However, these new developments could make Gunbarrel a much more desirable area driving the rental market and raising prices.

Only Time Will Tell The Future Of Gunbarrel, But We’re Seeing And Hoping For Good Things!

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