HOP_near_Boulder_BookstoreBoulder is unique in many ways! We all have ideas of what makes our town unique, but one aspect I want to point out is our community transit network of the Hop, Skip, Jump, Bound, Dash, Stampede, Bolt. These colorful buses connect the City of Boulder to Boulder County and the communities of Lafayette & Longmont. They increase access to regional transportation [e.g., Denver International Airport, Downtown Denver, etc.] and they are a great option if you are heading out with friends for a night on the town! These ubiquitous bright buses are a household name to locals and really bring the community together. When you consider where you live, think about how easy it will be to use public transit.

The HOP:

The HOP route connects the following major stops:

  • Twenty Ninth Street retail district, Downtown Boulder, University Hill, and the University of Colorado.
  • View the route map and schedule.


The SKIP travels north and south on Broadway, connecting these major stops:

skip cropped

  • Boulder Community Hospital, Community Plaza/Ideal Market, North Boulder Recreation Center, Downtown Boulder, University of Colorado, Table Mesa Shopping Center, and Fairview High School
  • View the route map and schedule.


The JUMP travels east and west on Arapahoe Avenue, connecting these major stops:

  • Boulder High School, Boulder Public Library, Downtown Boulder, Twenty Ninth Street, Boulder Valley School District – Arapahoe Campus, and Central Lafayette park-n-Ride (via the Long JUMP)
  • View the route map and schedule.


The BOUND Route travels north and south on 30th Street, connecting these major stops:

  • Diagonal Highway, Twenty Ninth Street Retail District, Mapleton Ball Fields, Williams Village/Bear Creek, Scott Carpenter Park, and BaseMar Shopping Center
  • View the route map and schedule.


The DASH travels east and west along South Boulder Road, connecting these major stops:

  • University of Colorado, NIST/NOAA, Table Mesa Park-n-Ride, Downtown Louisville, and Lafayette Park-n-Ride
  • View the route map and schedule.


The STAMPEDE Route travels around the University of Colorado campus, connecting these major stops:

  • Coors Event Center, East CU Campus, Folsom Field, University Memorial Center (UMC), and University of Colorado Main Campus
  • View the route map and schedule.


The BOLT travels along the Diagonal Highway between Boulder and Longmont, connecting these major stops:

bolt cropped

  • Boulder Station, Diagonal Plaza, Front Range Community College, IBM, Longmont, Niwot Park-n-Ride, Roosevelt Park-n-Ride, and Twin Peaks Mall park-n-Ride
  • View the route map and schedule.

Boulder’s community transit network connects us all and makes living in Boulder, Longmont, and/or Lafayette much more convenient! You can get general information on fees and schedules here.

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