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SmartRegs, adopted by the City of Boulder 9/21/2010, are here to stay and they impact all property owners. The new rules require that all rental properties in the City must pass a SmartRegs Inspection before the end of 2018. If your rental property does not pass an inspection before the end of 2018, you will not be able to receive or renew a rental license at the start of 2019 and beyond. Meeting SmartRegs requirements are mandatory so property owners take note, it may be time to take action!

FAQ’s from the SmartRegs website:

Am I obligated to make upgrades to the rental after the inspection?

If your rental does not pass the inspection, then upgrades will be required so that the rental passes a follow-up inspection. The free EnergySmart Advisor is provided to assist you with upgrade decisions and contractor selection once you are ready to pursue the recommended upgrades.

Do I have to make all of the upgrades if the rental does not pass an inspection?

Not necessarily. Enough upgrades have to be made so that you reach 100 points during the next inspection. For example, if the rental scores 80 initially, then you must complete enough upgrades to receive 20 more points. A free EnergySmart Advisor can assist you with figuring out which upgrades to make so its as cost-effective as possible.

How much does the SmartRegs Inspection cost?energy savings world image

The SmartRegs Inspectors, partnering with EnergySmart, have agreed to charge $120 per rental inspection. An EnergySmart Advisor is provided free of cost.

In the City of Boulder, compliance with SmartRegs is mandatory by 2019. This puts some pressure on property owners to implement energy saving measures. SmartRegs will reduce our energy impact, but this does not come without cost. There are some rebates available through the City of Boulder and City of Longmont for energy efficiency upgrades. For more information click here. You can also call the SmartRegs office for more detailed information at 303-441-1880.

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