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The same folks who brought us the Walk Score, which tells you just how walkable any given property is, have now brought us the Bike Score. If you are in the market for a rental, and you like to bike, then Bike Score is a great way to see how truly bikeable your prospective neighborhood will be.

Bike Score takes into account many factors when determining the bike-ability of a location: bike infrastructure, topography, and the number of cyclists on the streets. In a state that loves bikes Bike Score offers many opportunities to learn just a bit more about your location.

Not all cities are included at this point on Bike Score, but Boulder made it in. As you may have guessed it scored high with an 86 out of 100 giving it a listing of Very Bikeable. Hopefully we will see this service expand into other smaller cities and the larger ones too.

To learn more about Bike Score click on the link. To get detailed information on Boulder’s bikeability click here. To learn about the parent company, Walk Score, click here.

Posted by: 8zrentals on February 21, 2013
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