There may be snow on the ground, but the sun is shining brighter and the days are longer. This is the time of year when we come out of our winter hibernation and we start itching to get out. If this is happening to you, read on for some great happy hour resources around town.

Maybe you want to find a place to get a drink and some apps with friends? Or you are looking for a good deal? Maybe you want to try out a bunch of different restaurants in Boulder because after all it has been voted to be the Foodiest Town after all by the culinary magazine, Bon Appetit. But where do you go? What are the great deals out there? Happy hours can satisfy a lot of needs. Here are a few places to look to find your perfect happy hour:

Downtown Boulder Happy Hours: A comprehensive list of Downtown Boulder happy hours by Downtown Boulder Inc.

Happy Hours All Around Boulder: An exhaustive list of happy hours listed by area of boulder, times, etc. It is searchable, so makes finding the right happy hour easy. This is a great resource to have on hand to look up happy hours happening any time.

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What are your favorite happy hours in town? 

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