too-much-crap1-298x300Spring is in the air. We assume the last of the snow has fallen in town and we are on a trajectory to warm weather. Every year this happens and I fling open the doors and think about getting rid of some clutter that has accumulated over the course of the year. Does this happen to you too?

If you are ready to de-clutter, here are some ideas of how to clear through the clutter and get rid of the things you no longer need:

De-cluttering Step One

1. Try easy things first. Recycle junk mail, magazines/newpapers, expired foods, broken items, old schedules, coupons etc.

2. Start small and build momentum. The dining table, the mantel, a kitchen drawer is a good place to begin. Trick yourself into doing a small area and once you finish it, you’ll have more energy to tackle the larger ones.

3. Complete one area at a time. Do not go back and forth between different areas. You end up scattering your energy and won’t see results anywhere.

4. Hit your closet. Get rid of all the clothing you have not worn in a year. The items that are too small or too big. The ones someone gave you, but just never fit right. The ones with holes, etc..

5. Triage. If you find yourself getting stuck consider making 3 piles to keep you moving: 1. Keep, 2. Give, 3. Donate. This helps you not be too stuck.

6. Clean up after each session. Take the garbage to the dump. Place donation bags, dry-cleaning and objects to be repaired in your trunk to drop off. Tidy the area where you worked so you can see your progress.

De-cluttering Step Two

Now that you have de-cluttered your space, where do you take these items? Here are some options:

1. Take your stuff to the thrift shop. Humane Society of Boulder Valley Thrift and Gift is a good choice, but you can find thrift shops run by nonprofits in any city.

2. Sell some of your items. If your de-cluttering has manifested some choice items you can always sell them on Craigslist or for clothing you can try Buffalo Exchange or Plato’s Closet.

3. Recycle. Make sure and put paper, cardboard, cans, metals, etc. in your recycling bin.

4. Toss. Nothing should be left in the house after you de-clutter, so inevitably a few items will end up in the trash. Get them all the way out there!

Now it is time to get to that clutter! Do you have any tips for de-cluttering your space?

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