Treehugger Home ImageWhen you think of Colorado, you don’t think of small spaces. But when you are renting sometimes you have to make the best of a tight situation. Tight can work if you know how to make your space multi-functional, clear clutter, and ensure everything has a place. We are talking about increasing functionality with less space or just the space that you have.

  • Are you are living in a tight rental space?
  • Do you want to create more space from what you already have?
  • Just want to get organized?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then we want to offer you some inspiration. Take a look at this 420 sq ft apartment that can accommodate 2 guests, has 8 rooms, can host 12 for a dinner party, and includes everything you really need. This is a lofty goal, and takes some specialized furniture, but it can serve as inspiration to live with less.

[vimeo w=400&h=300]

Or check out this video by the big box icon, IKEA, which helps you find more space in any room.

If you are ready to increase functionality in your small space, here are 5 easy and fundamental things to think about to ensure your space works for you from

1. Remember: A tiny room doesn’t have to hold only tiny furniture.
Sometimes with a small space, people avoid large furniture thinking it will dominate the room. Not true. A large sectional can often be better than a small sofa and chair.

2. Combine like objects and purge
Don’t purchase any organizing supplies until you know precisely what needs to be stored.

3. Use mirrors and glass to create reflections and bounce light around
Making a small space seem grand depends on maximizing light. You can do that with a glass coffee table, rather than a wood or opaque one. You can do it by tucking mirrors into corners, and by hanging art in glass frames, which create reflections. 

4. Ensure that window coverings don’t cut off light when they’re open
Hang curtains so that when they’re open, the entire pane is clear; open curtains should fall beside the window and not obscure any of it. Don’t hang curtains inside the window frame. Consider hanging curtains from the ceiling, rather than from the top of the window, which will add height (and some drama) to the space. 

5. Think vertically
Whether you’re hanging art or shelves, or placing furniture, don’t let vertical space go to waste. Using it is practical, providing a display space for art, for example, and it also draws the eye up, making a space feel more expansive than it actually is.

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