Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 12.19.53 PMHappy Earth Day! The snow is falling and moisture seems to abound this April in Colorado, but it will not always be this way! No matter how much snow falls this Spring we still live in a dry climate and we all need to do our part to conserve water. Good thing that the Center for Resource Conservation makes it easier for all of us to save resources.

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There are many ways for home owners to conserve water & other resources outdoors:

  • Xeriscape Yard Space:  Instead of adding grass, consider lower water alternatives like gravel, mulch, cactus, and many more.
  • Order a Garden-In-A-Box: These professionally designed perennial gardens are delivered to you with plans to ensure they look amazing, decrease the water flow at your home, and add visual appeal to your yard. Order your gardens now!
  • Slow the Flow: This program helps homeowners ensuring their sprinkler system is well maintained and functioning properly. This ensures you are not using more water than your landscaping really needs. Register for a free sprinkler inspection now!
  • Stop Leaks: Make sure you don’t have any leaks from outdoor faucets or hoses by adding washers and tightening connections
  • Add Mulch: Mulch in your gardens and perennial areas will reduce evaporation and water loss
  • Take a Class: Register for a FREE class on xeriscaping your yard on May 18, 2013

For more information on how to conserve water outdoors visit the Center for Resource Conservation here. Check out their detailed article on improving different areas of your outdoor landscaping here.

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