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The summer is heating up! We live in a beautiful, but arid land and we all find our water bills skyrocketing in the summers. It is not the indoor environment that needs more water, but all things growing outdoors. There are a few things you can do as the summer heats up and the water bills increase:

  • Ensure your sprinkler system is in good working order. This means that all systems are set up and working at their optimal. This will make sure your water use is as low as possible.
  • Water in the evening or early morning when the sun is not up. This will increase the amount of water that gets to your grass and plants by reducing evaporation.
  • Prepare your lawn: aerate your lawn to start the year off right. This allows water and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass. It is not too late.
  • Mow your lawn on the highest setting. Taller grass holds water more efficiently.

Here are some great ideas for how to conserve water in your outdoor landscape.

Water Conservation Tips
If you are ready to save some water and some money you may be interested in a FREE sprinkler inspection. The Center for ReSource Conservation is offering these comprehensive inspections to ensure your system is functioning efficiently and you are saving resources. This is a great first step!

Slow the Flow: Colorado Sprinkler Inspection Program

You can schedule a FREE sprinkler inspection to ensure your system is working optimally. This is a great opportunity to ensure proper functioning and maximum water conservation. They will test and set your system, you have to have it up and running! To schedule an inspection click here.

Do you have any water conservation steps you use to save resources and money? We would love to hear your tips!

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