Summer is a very popular time to move into new rental apartments, houses, townhomes, or condominiums. I’ve compiled some great tips from three leading blogs to help guide the decorating process, all while ensuring you get your security deposit back in full!


 Unlike your permanent dream-home, your rental will only be where you live for one (or a few years.) It’s always best to decorate accordingly: think temporary!

 Walls: have great curtains you want to hang? Hang that rod on two command hooks! Do the walls look drab? Instead of painting them, buy and put up a temporary decal! The pattern brightens up the room, and you can remove it with no mess when you move out.

 Furniture and accessories: Worried about hanging things up on the walls? Lean them against instead! Large artwork or a mirror would look great on your mantle- if you lean it against the top, there is no need for permanent damage (say hello to the full refund of your security deposit!)


Get Creative (

The bloggers at encourage you to get creative with your décor and mixing and matching. They say that whatever you do (any changes, that is), get the landlord’s written permission first! Great advice!

 That being said, the blogger (TheRentalGirl) encourages a mixture of fancy and cheap. This can be implemented in lighting, curtains, rugs etc. Wondering where to find cool vintage items? Estate sales, garage sales, or flea markets often have some gems that no one else has!

Another great non-permanent way to brighten up a room? Get plants! They not only help clean the air, but flowers and plants look and smell great and bring an airiness to any room.

Stay tidy (

Some rentals, as we know, are not the biggest spaces. Elise and Emma, bloggers on A Beautiful Mess, post some wonderful tips to make the most of that cozy (small) rental space!

 If your walls are full and your carpet is a bit drab, invest in a small contrasting rug to keep interest in the center of your room. It will keep it from looking sparse, and add color or a pattern too!

Need some extra color and can’t paint the walls? Paint your furniture! It gives a fun pop of color. Don’t be afraid to be bold! (their example was a bright salmon colored desk), you can always re-paint in a few months.

For seating options: go lightweight! That way you can rearrange when guests come, and move items easily.

Feeling too claustrophobic in your small space? Use mirrors to break up the monotonous walls, and to add depth and perceived space.


Now that you are fully equipped with these tips and ideas, happy decorating!

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