ManLadderThinking about making energy saving improvements at your rental property? Need to fix an existing system such as your heater or evaporative cooler? For any improvements/repairs you are making to your property you should consider taking a look at what rebates are offered by Xcel Energy and your local government. If you live in Colorado and Xcel Energy is your service provider they may have some great options for energy savings and money savings.

Some examples of the categories of rebates available:

To find a complete list of projects that qualify for rebates click here.


To get the rebates, you need to identify the type of repair/improvement you want to make. Next identify if there is a rebate and identify an approved contractor that can do the job. There are lists of approved contractors for each repair/improvement area. If you want to do more than a single improvement it may be worth deciding if you can qualify for Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®. Home Performance with Energy Star is a designation you can get if you do at least three approved projects and possibly leads to additional rebates.

Here are a list of rebate resources for locations around Colorado, even if you are not an Xcel Energy customer.

These rebates can add up to some serious cash! Have you gotten rebates for work on your property? How did it work out?

Posted by: 8zrentals on July 11, 2013
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