Like any community, Boulder has distinct neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are important to both renters and landlords. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant it is important to understand some of the important characteristics of each neighborhood.

Some important things to consider about any neighborhood:

1. What are the boundaries of the neighborhood? Is this area close to where people live, work, and/or shop?

Landlords: Your property location will attract tenants or not. Location is important to people. Is the property close to public transit, schools, and/or shopping?

Tenants: Do you want to live where you work/go to school, shop, eat?

2. What schools are in the area? How do they rate?

Landlords: Schools are important to parents, so if your rental may attract families, keep this in mind.

Tenants: If you are a family with school age children you will want to consider what schools your rental allows your kids to attend.

To find out how schools in the neighborhood rate, visit Great Schools.

3. How easy is it to get around the neighborhood?

Landlords: More and more people are interested in alternative transportation. How easy is it to walk or bike from your property? Is the property close to a bus line?

Tenants: Can you park in the neighborhood? Do you have easy access to alternative transportation [e.g., walking, biking, bus]?

Here is an overview of Boulder neighborhoods from 8z Real Estate.

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 10.41.32 AM

To learn more about each Boulder neighborhood click here.

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