Want to be sure you get back your deposit after your lease?  We compiled a list of the best tips for tenants, from landlords themselves, of what to look for during your first walk through to make sure you’re not stuck with damages you didn’t cause, or liable for hazards!

1 – Look for Anything Hazardous



Keep your eye out for trip hazards, missing handrails, rotting decking etc. Ask landlord to fix these issues prior to moving in or immediately afterwards – this moves the liability from you to the landlord if you or a guest were to be injured at your rental property and you asked the landlord to fix it but they did not.

2 – Take Photos of Existing Damage


Email your landlord or property manager within the first week with photos of existing damage.  Be sure to save the sent email in case if you need to refer back to it when moving out or any disputes over your deposit.

3 – Who Pays the Utility Bills? 


Make sure to find out who is responsible for paying water, sewer, or trash bills before moving in – these aren’t always mentioned in the lease, and can lead to confusion and extra fees if not addressed right away.

4 – Where Should I Park?


Be sure to clarify what storage spots or parking spots you are allowed to use, and any parking permits required to avoid being towed, especially if you live in a complex with common areas or a common parking garage.

Posted by: 8zrentals on October 7, 2013
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