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Halloween Tips for Building Neighborhood Connections

Remember that no matter where you live it can be your community. Halloween is a great time to get to know your neighbors! Are you going to go out or stick around to give out candy? Will you host a halloween party? Bring pumpkins around to the neighbors? Whatever your Halloween tradition might be, remember that it is a great time to create community!

Just a few simple things can make a big difference in how connected you feel to your neighborhood. Kids love trick or treating! And people are generally in a festive mood. Here are a few ideas of what you can do to build neighborhood connections at Halloween:

  • If you don’t know the kids who come to your door, greet them openly. Ask if they live in the neighborhood.
  • Compliment (or get scared by) their costumes.
  • Ask the child a question or talk to them briefly before you give a treat. Ask them their names, what grade are they in school.  Guess what their favorite TV show is. Anything really!
  • Turn on a light so children will be safe.
  • Intervene if trick-or-treaters become disrespectful or damage property.
  • Offer to take a busy parent’s child or children out along with yours [if you have kids].
  • Share treats that reflect your culture or values. Tell kids why you are handing out the treats. Engage them in a brief discussion.
  • Get together with neighbors to decorate. (Make it more fun for kids and adults and get to know neighbors at the same time.)
  • Remember to greet neighbors the next day–when they don’t have costumes on!
  • Consider making a special treat bag (with extra treats or extra surprises) for the children who live nearest to you. When these children arrive, make a fuss about them coming and say you have something extra special for them.

Enjoy a fun & safe Halloween!

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