We live in Colorado and we know it snows in the winter. But sometimes it is easy to forget that we are responsible to remove the snow.  But don’t forget this town has lots of bikers and pedestrians who use people power to get them around even in the snow, sleet and ice. It is important to know if snow removal is a tenant’s responsibility of that of the owner. If you do not know, ask! Either way, being prompt about snow and ice removal is a courteous thing to do as well as the law!

Here is what you need to know: When the snow falls or the ice builds up don’t forget you have 24 hours from when the snow stops to get the sidewalks shoveled.

Here is some important resources during the winter in Boulder:

Request a Snow Plow or Report Sidewalk Snow and Ice: www.inquireboulder.com and submit a “snow plow request”

IceBusters: If you are a senior or physically disabled person [or just know someone in your neighborhood who is] you can request assistance through the Boulder County CareConnect IceBuster program. For details or to volunteer go to www.careconnectbc.org or call 303.443.1933, ext. 413.

Other Important Snow & Ice Information:

City of Boulder Street Maintenance: 303.413.7162

Snow Dispatch: 303.413.7109

Streets & Bikeways Maintenance Hotline: 303.413.7177

Sidewalk Snow/Ice Complaints: 303.441.3333

Colorado Department of Transportation: 303.442.4382

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