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Boulder is a community full of pets! But for pet owners it can sometimes feel daunting to find a rental space with a pet in tow. It certainly limits your options, but it does not count you out of the rental market. Of course we love our dogs and our cats, but when it comes to renting what do you need to know about having your four-legged friend[s] join you in your leased space?

Pet Agreements & What You Need To Know: When you are planning to lease an apartment with one or more pets, make certain that part of your lease agreement is a pet agreement or pet addendum. The pet agreement should stipulate what the regulations are regarding pet size, type and breed, the amount of the pet deposit, what it covers and whether or not it’s refundable.  If you don’t agree with it, or don’t understand it, further clarification is required before you finalize your rental agreement. Remember your rental agreement is legally binding!

Pet Agreement – Common Inclusions

  • Management authorization for pet
  • Animal with breed/ history of aggressive behavior can be excluded
  • Pet agreement terminates with tenant occupancy termination
  • Tenancy terminates if pet agreement is broken
  • Additional security deposit
  • Refundable/non-refundable security deposit
  • Additional pet fees
  • No limit liability
  • Cleaning and repair clause
  • Management indemnity for litigation costs

Make Sure You Ask First: If you want to get a pet during your rental tenure you need to make sure and contact your landlord or rental agency before you bring a pet home. You will need to make sure you sign an additional pet agreement or have a clause added to your lease.

The most important thing to ensure the return of your deposit and that you don’t break the legal elements of your lease is to ensure you understand what you are signing. Ask questions if you do not understand. If you are interested in getting a pet, ask your landlord or rental agency ahead of time.

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