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Have you ever been locked out of your house? Forgot the key? Need to let a friend in when you are not home? The key under a rock is not really the safest method! If you hide a key for this purpose consider these options to keep yourself safe.

  • Exchange Keys: Swap keys with your neighbor. Hopefully they will be home when you are not or need an extra key.
  • Hide-a-Key on Your Car: Get a hide-a-key box usually used for a spare car key and put a house one in there.
  • Hide-a-Key Under Your Neighbor’s Plant: This is an age old trick, but usually used for your own home. This switch-a-roo will let you hike a key that works for your house and not worry about being too obvious.
  • Use Your Wind Chimes: Brightnest suggests putting a spare key in your wind chimes. Burglars don’t like drawing attention to themselves so avoid noise. You place a set of mainly incorrect keys in with your house key in one of the wind chimes in such an ingenious way. Read more on how to do it here.
  • Purchase a Lockbox: Think of how Realtors do it. They put keys in lockboxes to keep the properties they are listing safe. You too can purchase a lockbox and simply put it on your door, fence or other secure location.

It’s so tempting to just throw those keys under the mat or a rock, but keep yourself and your home safe with these tricks.

Posted by: 8zrentals on February 28, 2014
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