2014 Team PhotoFall and winter may be a slower rental market, but we’re keeping busy at 8z Rentals.  We recently gathered our entire team, to discuss and update our entire lease agreement for our 2015 lease documents.  Here are the improvements that we added, that we think owners, such as yourself will appreciate.

  • Updated the formatting of the entire lease to make it much easier to access critical information on the top page.
  • Separated utilities into their own paragraph with easy to understand check boxes so it is clear about who is responsible, including who is responsible for connecting the utilities and when they need to be connected by.
  • Defined “possession” to protect owners if tenants delay taking possession and are not aware of damages that can be incurred from failure to occupy the property.
  • Addressed the issues of growing and smoking of marijuana in more detail.
  • Integrated the pet addendum into the lease to make it more clear for tenants and owners.
In addition, we believe that a big challenge in the residential leasing market in 2015 is “service animals.”  Everyone at our office has attended Advanced Fair Housing classes to be prepared for this new complicated facet to fair housing.  It is extremely important to know the correct way to deny or approve applications concerning service animals, since it is protected by a federal law, which can be extremely expensive to defend against even if you are right, as the prevailing party is not allowed to collect attorneys fees.
The residential leasing market is quickly evolving.  Standard cookie cutter leases do not address all the concerns that owners need to consider in Colorado’s current leasing and rental landscape.  As full time leasing agents we get to see the changing rental market and adjust accordingly to protect our owner’s properties and investments.
Please contact us if you need assistance leasing your Front Range Colorado rental property.
Posted by: 8zrentals on December 4, 2014
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