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Tips on how to find a Colorado rental home…

If you can’t find the property you’re looking for on 8zRentals.com, here are some other options to find a rental home. There are many apps and websites out there and many are useless so we have condensed only the best ones here for your convenience. The best sources to use when searching for a rental are the apps shown to the left. Most smart phones can download them and you can modify your search parameters and have notifications sent when something new comes on the market.

In the last few years the home rentals world has changed drastically. The days of driving around looking for signs and newspaper ads are over. Today 90% of rentals are online only. It will seem overwhelming at first since there are so many sources for finding rentals and properties rent quickly. In general, spring and summer are the best times to find a rental. The inventory of rental homes available are greatest between May-August. However, rentals are typically the most expensive during these months as well. The winter months are good for finding a good deal and also the easiest time of year to negotiate a good deal for yourself. Homes that come on the market in the winter season are usually new investment property purchases or some sort of unplanned turnover. Properties that come on during the off season are usually a good opportunity to get a shorter term lease as well. Most landlords prefer to align the expiration with summer months and will often times be willing to work with you on a shorter lease. in general short term leases can be difficult to find. Usually a short term lease is going to cost you more money as well. Many short term leases come furnished so be prepared. Apartment communities often do shorter term leases in 3,6,9 month increments but there is usually a heavy premium too. Subletting is one of the best ways to find a short term lease. Craigslist, Sublet.com, VRBO and AirBnB are good resources for locating short term rentals. Navigating websites is a difficult part of finding a rental home today. Stick to the big rental websites, they will usually have the largest amount of properties available. Don’t get too specific since every landlord adds their property differently. For instance the property may have an amenity that you require, but the owner failed to place it in the Ad. Keep your options open. If a property doesn’t have what you need, ask the landlord of they have anything else similar or coming up. Many times landlords know about listings coming up that aren’t online yet.

Each rental home search app is different, so it’s important to make sure you’re using the right one.

  • Realtor.com Rentals- is a great app that usually has higher endiphone with rental home apps
    properties and is fairly reliable and updated regularly.
  • RadPad- is going to be more Urban properties and a lot of times
    more expensive lofts and apartments.
  • Apartment List- is going to be mostly apartment communities but
    there are a few private listings.
  • Apartments.com- is the best app to use if you want to live in an
    apartment community and amenities are important to you. They
    don’t advertise private listings.
  • Lovely- is a trendier app that can be hit or miss. Younger property
    owners tend to use it and you’ll find a lot of unique properties
  • Craigstlist Pro- has a LOT of properties, there are a lot of scams
    though as well so be careful when using it. It’s a good place to look
    for short term leases, subleases and some homes.
  • Zillow, Hotpads and Trulia- All owned by Zillow, you will find that if one app has the property the other two will as well. Zillow tends to be one of the most popular but the listings can be outdated.
Kimberly Taylor, 8z Leasing agent
Posted by: 8zrentals on October 4, 2017
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