This is the first installation of a new blog series which highlights how hiring a professional property manager helps save you time, frustration, and money. Some investors choose to go it alone, managing their investment property (or properties) while trying to balance a career, family commitments, and perhaps some hobbies on the side. In this first of the series, we’re going to discuss the different of handling an emergency at a rental property as a “do it yourselfer” property manager versus having a local property manager like 8z Rentals working for you.

Dealing with an Emergency Repair at your Rental Property

Kitchen water leaking from pipe

Are you vacationing in Europe? On a beach in Maui? Imagine the Colorado winter temperatures took a dip while you were away and your tenants are now reporting a frozen pipe or leaking pipe. Are you prepared to handle a property emergency in your income property while one a personal vacation? Who will you call or will you beg tenants to deal with arranging the repair themselves? If you’re not immediately available to handle an emergency repair as a do it yourselfer property manager, you’re risking damage to your property, added frustration to your tenants, and possibly resorting to an unknown service contractor to make the repair with the short notice.

Now if you consider the same scenario, but you have 8z Rentals managing your rental property. Rather than receive a phone call in the middle of the night while in Budapest with panicked tenants, they reach out to 8z Rentals through the emergency maintenance phone number. 8z Rentals can handle maintenance calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week​. We​ provide coverage​ day and nights, weekends and holidays​ too​. Rather than trying to find and schedule a contractor while out of pocket, your 8z Rentals property manager has that covered too. 8z Rentals has strong relationships with vendors and get you quality work for the best price. 8z Rentals does not mark up any of the maintenance costs either. Reserve funds are on hand with 8z Rentals to handle vendor invoices for repairs, such as this scenario, should they arise. By having a property manager handle the emergency repair that occured while you were out of town, your tenants’ emergency request was responded to quickly, repairs were arranged immediately to minimize damage to your property, a known vendor was arranged by 8z Rentals, and they were paid without having to give your credit card over the phone while on an international call.

Live the good life as a rental property owner, without the burden when you’re busy or on vacation, of what you will do if something goes wrong at your rental property.

Please contact us at 8z Rentals if you’re looking for a Colorado property manager serving the Front Range.

Posted by: 8zrentals on January 4, 2018
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