repairman wearing a tool belt and holding a drill

Do you know what you’re paying your property manager to manage rental repairs on your investment property? Depending on your property management company this is not included in the services paid within the monthly management fee. Depending on the property management fee this could include an hourly fee as well as a markup on the repair.

At 8z Rentals, we DO NOT charge a markup or hourly rate to manage repairs or maintenance when it is needed. We have trusted vendors across our Front Range markets we manage rental properties.

If you are shopping around to find a property manager for your rental property in the Colorado Front Range, anywhere from Fort Collins to Castle Rock, take a look at our services. We aim to be transparent with what is included in our management fee because it’s better for owners and tenants.

Learn more about what is included in our property management and rental leasing services.

Posted by: 8zrentals on July 30, 2019
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