8z Settles Your Requests in a Fair and Timely Manner!

8z Rentals in Colorado likes to stay on top of its tenants’ and owners’ requests. We do our best to settle matters between tenants and owners in a fair and rational way. If a tenant submits a property maintenance request to 8z, we quickly settle the request by either scheduling a repair or negotiating the request further with the owner of the rental property (without any unnecessary delay involved!). Tenants have the ease of the secure online portal where tenants can make maintenance requests with just a few clicks of the computer.  Similarly, if an owner believes that his or her tenant is making an unnecessary or irrational maintenance request, 8z swiftly contacts the owner and attempts to reach a more satisfactory solution to the original request.

Whether you are a tenant or an owner, 8z makes renting and owning property easy by running a fair, fast, and rational negotiation process for owner and tenant requests. As a property management company we are here to make sure everything runs smoothly between our tenants and owners. We don’t wait around to solve our owner and tenant conflicts. At 8z Rentals, we stay on top of it all.

Does it Feel Like Your Rental Company is ‘Nickel and Diming’ You?

The word is out: Many tenants leasing properties in Colorado are not too satisfied with their current rental property management companies. Does it feel like your rental company is trying to get some extra money out of your pocket? Tenants of our competitors are complaining about being charged too much for maintenance repairs, and having unfair amounts of money taken from their security deposits when their leases end.

Here at 8z Rentals, we don’t nickel and dime you like our competitors. 8z Rentals serves tenants in a fair and ethical manner. A happy tenant is more likely to renew their lease, and take care of their rental property.  It’s a win-win for tenants and landlords to treat tenants with respect.  We make our money by offering great rental properties at great prices, not by cheating our tenants like other rental companies. If you feel like your current rental company is treating you unfairly, try leasing with 8z Rentals the next time around. 8z offers a whole different experience than most rental companies in Colorado because we are on the tenant’s side. Check out 8zrentals.com for our latest rental listings available across all of Colorado, or contact us today by calling (303) 563-4104. Try the 8z way; we treat our tenants right.

8z Rentals

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8z Rentals’ State of the Art Technology Supports Owners!

house-for-rent8z Rentals Brings State of the Art Technology to the Rental Market.

Here at 8z Rentals we have invested heavily in software so that we may provide you with accurate, effective, and secure systems for the best service. As an owner you know that tenant relations and property maintenance are very important to a successful rental process and 8z Rental’s quick response times are essential to the profitability of your rental properties.

Here are some ways 8z Rentals’ technology supports our owners & their tenants: 

8z Rentals provides a faster response time for better service

We can securely access information about any of our properties at any time, and from anywhere. Sensitive data is securely housed in a state of the art data center, and backed up regularly and automatically.

Paperless Monthly statements are delivered directly by email, saving time and the environment

Our monthly statements are easy to read and provide owners with a quick snapshot of property details during the past month. You can even access and view your statements from your mobile device.

We address property maintenance issues faster

8z Rentals uses electronic work orders (submitted online), and we communicate directly with vendors so maintenance issues are resolved quickly.

You will be paid faster and more securely

8z Rentals uses electronic work orders and we communicate directly with vendors so maintenance issues are solved quickly.

8z Rentals uses the leading rental websites to market your property

We can quickly and professionally market your properties on all of the leading rental websites to provide your property with maximun exposure both locally and nationally. We use Craigslist for local advertisement, CoHomefinder is the most attended real estate website in the State of Colorado and nationally we advertise on all of the top sites including Zillow, Hotpads, Trulia, and Oodle.

Home Owners: Consider Purchasing Flood Insurance To Protect Yourself and Your Tenants

Was your property impacted by the floods of September 2013? Regardless of whether you were impacted or not home owners should consider purchasing a flood insurance policy to protect your investment. This video produced by Boulder County, Colorado outlines why home owners should consider insurance to cover flood events. It is informative and worth viewing!


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iuj57esag_c&w=560&h=315]

Are you insured for flooding? Are you planning to purchase insurance? Flood Smart is a great place to start to understand floods, flood insurance and answer your flood related questions. Flood Smart is the website of the National Flood Insurance Program.

Click here to get to FloodSmart.gov and learn more.

8z Rentals Offers Complete Management Services!

houseimage8z Rentals Offers Complete Management Services!

Maximize the return on your rental investment & get your weekends back! Let 8z Rentals handle all the details on your rental. 8z Rentals offers both Leasing and/or Management services for your property. Our management services include 8z taking care of most issues with your rental while leasing-only services offers clients the ability to fill your vacancies. 8z Rentals can handle whatever portions of your rental property management you need!

Our Management fee includes the following services

Management Services – % of monthly rent (call for quote):

  • 24/7 Emergency maintenance and repairs with reliable contractors
  • Detailed check/in out sheets including photo documentation
  • Licensed and bonded contractors with excellent references
  • Delivery of Keys to new residents
  • Rent collections
  • Obtaining additional documentation such as insurance or utility hookup
  • On site visits of your properties, including twice per year on the inside
  • Monthly contact with residents
  • Timely owner disbursements paid directly to your account via ACH
  • Monitor delinquencies
  • Monthly owner statements emailed directly to you
  • Year end 1099 for your taxes
  • Resident check out and security deposit reconciliation
  • 24 hour owner access to your owners statements
  • 24 hour access for residents to submit payments
  • 24 hour access for residents to submit maintenance requests

Maintenance Services – We do not “Mark Up” maintenance costs. Our vendors are completely independent and we do not profit from performing repairs to your property. We provide receipts of the maintenance fees so you can be assured 8z Rentals is not up charging you for repairs. We are happy to use your vendor of choice if preferred. Additional Management Options – We also provide owners with additional services billed at $75 per hour.

  • Meeting with contractors for bid and property access
  • Rental Licensing
  • Additional property inspections beyond our normal inspections
  • Evictions and legal proceedings
  • Attending court or hearings
  • Supervising large scale renovations
  • Subletting or interim lease negotiations

At 8z Rentals we offer owners a great value for an excellent service! Give us a call to discuss how we can help you maximize the value on your rentals and get your weekends back. We look forward to speaking with you! Call us at 888.613.8832 or email us.

Landscaping Can Add Curb Appeal and Increase Rental Values

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 10.46.22 AMLandscaping can add interest and value to your rental property. Want to increase rents? Try adding curb appeal!

Add instant curb appeal with annual flowers. A few strategically placed plants in the ground or in planter boxes can make a big difference. Annual plants are always showy options and look good, but they have to be watered regularly.

Add long-term appeal with a perennial garden. Perennials are another option for making your landscaping stand out and adding curb appeal. The best thing about perennials is that once they are established they come back year after year. The return on investment with best with perennials. Look around to see if your local water municipality offers any incentives for water wise perennials. In Boulder the Conservation Center offers a Garden-in-a-Box options where you get discounted rates on professionally designed garden beds and the flowers that go with them. More details on the Garden-in-a-Box program here.

Need a landscaping professional to help with curb appeal at your property? We are happy to provide you with a referral to a quality professional. Contact 8z Rentals.


Let 8z Rentals Make It Easy to Find a Tentant for Your Property

Lease-extentionLandlords, let 8z Rentals assist you in finding a qualified resident for your property for a one time competitive fee. As the landlord you can tailor our services to best fit your individual needs. Maybe you just need someone to screen your tenants. Maybe you need someone to show your property. 8z Rentals is here to support you!

Our Leasing fee includes the following services:

  • MARKETING – 8z Rentals markets your property on all top-ranked national rental websites as well as local sites and on CoHomefinder, the top ranked real estate website in Colorado.
  • SHOWINGS – We eliminate the hassle of scheduling and coordinating showings with tenants, waiting for prospective tenants who may show up late or not at all, and provide you with an added level of security.
  • CORRESPONDENCE – We liaise between you and any prospective tenant to save you time and frustration.
  • FILTERING – 8z can filter out prospective tenants who aren’t serious about renting your property.
  • TENANT SCREENING – Our state-of-the-art management software checks credit, criminal and eviction history nationally. We will also collect employment verification, income verification, previous rental history and financial statements to help ensure your tenant is a good fit.
  • QUALIFIED STAFF – Our experienced staff complies with local, state and federal housing laws and is here to respond to any questions or concerns you may have.
  • DIGITAL APPLICATIONS – We capture prospective tenants by allowing them to apply online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with our digital applications.
  • LEASES – 8z can provide leases and all necessary disclosures relevant to your property and have them signed digitally via Docusign for your convenience.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY – 8z will photograph or take video of your property for your listing or we can use any photos or videos you provide.
  • PROTECTION – As leasing experts we can quickly identify, filter and prevent scams involving your property to help protect you from potential fraud or damages.
  • SIGNS – We can provide one of our custom boutique signs for your property with a QR reader directing prospective tenants directly to our website.
  • LOCKBOXES – We can provide a lockbox for your property for easier showing access.

OTHER SERVICES: available by 8z Rentals which are not included in our Leasing activities. Some of these additional services may be included in management or billed hourly. Please contact us about additional services.

Click here for more information about our Management Services

Boulder and Broomfield Counties Have Seen a Decline in Apartment Vacancy Rates

apartment.02Apartment vacancy rates in Boulder and Broomfield counties are on the decline while the Denver Metro area’s rates have increased slightly. The Boulder County Business Report is stating that there is a year-over-year fourth quarter decrease in apartment vacancy rates in 2013 while the rate in the Denver Metro area has increase to a 2 year high according to the Colorado Division of Housing and the Apartment Association of Metro Denver. The reduction represents a year over year analysis. While on the whole the rate of apartment vacancy has increased a bit from the Boulder and Broomfield low rates of 2.8 percent in Q3 of 2013 we are still looking at an overall decrease.

Boulder: The city of Boulder, excluding the area around the University of Colorado, had a 3.8 percent vacancy rate in the fourth quarter. In the university area, Boulder’s rate dropped from 2.0 percent in the third quarter to 0.0 percent in the fourth.

Broomfield: Hundreds of new apartments are coming online in Broomfield. The city’s Q4 rate was 3.6 percent, up slightly over the third quarter but way down from the 6.2 percent rate it saw for the same period a year ago.

Longmont: Longmont’s rate inched up slightly from 2.7 percent at the end of 2012 to 3.3 percent for the most recent quarter.

Denver Metro: The Denver metro area’s rate hit 5.2 percent, its highest rate since hitting 5.4 percent for the fourth quarter of 2011.

Rental Rates: Rental rates in the metro area, however, kept rising. And Boulder and Broomfield counties were no exception. The average rent locally climbed to $1,198.13 per month, up from $1,194.19 in the third quarter and $1,103.61 a year ago.

Apartment vacancy rates are dropping making finding the perfect apartment, condo or house more difficult. If you are looking for a rental, 8z Rentals is ready to help you find your new space!

Read the full article here

Pets and Rentals–What You Need To Know

cute cats

Boulder is a community full of pets! But for pet owners it can sometimes feel daunting to find a rental space with a pet in tow. It certainly limits your options, but it does not count you out of the rental market. Of course we love our dogs and our cats, but when it comes to renting what do you need to know about having your four-legged friend[s] join you in your leased space?

Pet Agreements & What You Need To Know: When you are planning to lease an apartment with one or more pets, make certain that part of your lease agreement is a pet agreement or pet addendum. The pet agreement should stipulate what the regulations are regarding pet size, type and breed, the amount of the pet deposit, what it covers and whether or not it’s refundable.  If you don’t agree with it, or don’t understand it, further clarification is required before you finalize your rental agreement. Remember your rental agreement is legally binding!

Pet Agreement – Common Inclusions

  • Management authorization for pet
  • Animal with breed/ history of aggressive behavior can be excluded
  • Pet agreement terminates with tenant occupancy termination
  • Tenancy terminates if pet agreement is broken
  • Additional security deposit
  • Refundable/non-refundable security deposit
  • Additional pet fees
  • No limit liability
  • Cleaning and repair clause
  • Management indemnity for litigation costs

Make Sure You Ask First: If you want to get a pet during your rental tenure you need to make sure and contact your landlord or rental agency before you bring a pet home. You will need to make sure you sign an additional pet agreement or have a clause added to your lease.

The most important thing to ensure the return of your deposit and that you don’t break the legal elements of your lease is to ensure you understand what you are signing. Ask questions if you do not understand. If you are interested in getting a pet, ask your landlord or rental agency ahead of time.

Based on an article by apartments.com.

Snow and Ice Removal: What You Need To Know!

We live in Colorado and we know it snows in the winter. But sometimes it is easy to forget that we are responsible to remove the snow.  But don’t forget this town has lots of bikers and pedestrians who use people power to get them around even in the snow, sleet and ice. It is important to know if snow removal is a tenant’s responsibility of that of the owner. If you do not know, ask! Either way, being prompt about snow and ice removal is a courteous thing to do as well as the law!

Here is what you need to know: When the snow falls or the ice builds up don’t forget you have 24 hours from when the snow stops to get the sidewalks shoveled.

Here is some important resources during the winter in Boulder:

Request a Snow Plow or Report Sidewalk Snow and Ice: www.inquireboulder.com and submit a “snow plow request”

IceBusters: If you are a senior or physically disabled person [or just know someone in your neighborhood who is] you can request assistance through the Boulder County CareConnect IceBuster program. For details or to volunteer go to www.careconnectbc.org or call 303.443.1933, ext. 413.

Other Important Snow & Ice Information:

City of Boulder Street Maintenance: 303.413.7162

Snow Dispatch: 303.413.7109

Streets & Bikeways Maintenance Hotline: 303.413.7177

Sidewalk Snow/Ice Complaints: 303.441.3333

Colorado Department of Transportation: 303.442.4382