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At 8z Rentals we have built the most state of the art Leasing and Property Management company from the ground up by incorporating the best technologies available for our industry. Starting fresh in 2012 we are not burdened with older out of date systems. We have invested heavily in our technology to keep our owners connected 24 hours a day. Owners can securely access their account information in real time to view rent collections, maintenance requests, current invoices, monthly statements, leases and disclosures, as well as any past information. All of this is at your fingertips with a web connection even over your mobile device. The efficiency gained through our technology gives us the time to provide you with the personal level of service you expect. We promise to respond promptly on a personal level with answers to your questions.


  • Do you struggle with the process of advertising and showing your property?
  • Interviewing residents, taking applications, and running credit and background checks?
  • Keeping abreast of changes to fair housing laws, state and local regulations?
  • Dealing with rent collections, late payments, and bounced checks?
  • Do you dread confrontation with residents?
  • Maintaining qualified licensed and bonded vendors
  • Time consuming check in and check out process with turnover?
  • Critical compliance rules with Deposit reconciliations?
  • Attorney’s costs to maintain current leases and disclosures?
    8z Rentals can help you out with Leasing & Management:

  • We stay abreast of new landlord/tenant laws and legislative issues
  • We effectively market your property to attract high quality residents
  • We have qualified vendors specializing in all aspects of maintenance
  • We provide a consistent screening process to ensure high quality residents
  • We provide a lease agreements and all the required addendums
  • We collect and account for rents
  • We confront residents to enforce the terms of the lease
  • We Perform complete accounting for your property including year end 1099
  • We Provide owners with a year end summary of income and expenses
  • We identify potential problems before they become costly repairs
  • Personalized, attentive service with thorough communication
  • Established relationships with local services providers of all types
  • Education through local and national property management organizations
  • We employ state of the art technology for our software platform
  • Our technology also provides real time accounting for income and expenses
  • Expert knowledge of the industry gained through decades of hands on experience

Relax and leave the details to us! Enjoy the more important things in Life!

Comparison of Leasing and Property Management Services

The chart below provides an easy comparison of the services included under both the “Leasing Only” and “Leasing and Management” Agreements.
Leasing Comparison