Q: What the Heck does 8z mean?

A: All the zip codes in Colorado start with the number 8

Q: Do I have to use 8z Rentals for both Leasing and Management?

A: No, We offer both services but it’s up to you which services you want us to handle. Every owner has their own unique situation and we want to tailor our services to your particular needs.

Q: Can I hold onto the security Deposit?

A: Yes, you may hold the resident’s security Deposit if you wish. We are required by law to maintain a separate trust account for the Resident’s security deposit. This provides a high level of security for resident’s funds which in turn is why most savvy residents require their deposits to be placed into a separate trust account even if you choose to hold it for them. This would protect the resident’s funds in the event of a bankruptcy or seizure of your accounts from a court order or the IRS.

Q: Are maintenance costs marked up?

A: NO, we do not profit from performing repairs to your property. All vendor invoices are 100% transparent. By providing copies of vendor invoices to owners and/or residents all responsible parties can see the actual repair cost.